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LA Comedian James Davis + Salsa Dancing

LA based Comedian and Writer James Davis tries his hand at Salsa Dancing

James Davis is an Actor, Producer and writer along with being the host of Yahoo’s Sports hit show mostly football. For those who don’t know James was born and raised in Los Angeles, Davis explores this duality in his standup comedy, as well as in his Comedy Central show, "Hood Adjacent," which ran in 2017.

For those new to Salsa dancing, Salsa is a form of dance that has a strong Afro-Latin influence. It developed in the Caribbean and then made its way to New York, where the term salsa was coined in the 1960s. It is danced with six steps for every eight beats of music. The two extra beats are marked by a pause or hold step.
There are many styles of salsa. In a year and time of growing, changing and evolving. James wanted to try his hand at salsa dancing for as he puts it “get in good with the ladies”.

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