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Angel City Derby Teaches Martellus Bennett How To Roll

Modern roller derby is an international sport, mostly played by amateurs. Most teams are all-female teams, but there is a growing number of male, unisex, and junior roller derby teams.

Former NFL Tight end Martellus Bennett is in the season of his life where he truly wants to try as many things as possible. Roller Derby is known for having some of the toughest women in all of athletes laces up in skates to compete. Martellus was let inside the world for one afternoon to see if he too could transfer some of his creative juices to the roller rink.

While producing this piece there was tons of pressure to make sure Martellus didn’t get hurt. Injury stress aside, Martellus really came through to spread awesome awareness for the local Angel City Derby team based out of Los angeles. Giving women a chance to showcase their talents and love for Roller Derby became one of the highlights of the season.

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