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  • Tanya Hubbard

'Gilmore Girls' The Ultimate Comfort Show

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Gilmore girls is a show I put on and play for hours while I’m doing other things. I can scroll on my phone, get work done and simply fall asleep without the nervous thoughts of needing to pay attention. The soothing nature of the music always does the trick. It's one of those shows that I’ve seen so many times that I'm almost not really watching it anymore. I'm just being soothed by it, which into adulthood I understand the importance of finding things that can help soothe your anxieties when the world around you can feel a bit much.

Sure, I like watching the show but it's more I like 'feeling' with the show. If we are just talking numbers, Gilmore Girls has 153 episodes, which are each about 45 mins long. Just thinking about the amount of time I've spent creating, in small and big ways, relationships with the characters.

Gilmore Girls is an underrated comfort show that really did keep the recipe simple. First Lorelai and Rory’s ‘girl next door’ energy makes them both so darn approachable. Without getting into the nuances between Lorelai and Rory characters individually ( maybe not having the greatest personal character development over the years) the relationship between them is still something that I think mothers and daughters across the world wish they had.

Second, the show just doesn't feel unrealistic, which allows me the chance to feel like I belong there too! There really isn't extreme drama, or storylines that are so far out of the realm of possibilities that you can't circle back to the basics, which is just a beautifully told story, of a 'mother and daughter' growing up together, making mistakes together, and ultimately finding their own way....together.

Lastly, lets not forget the amazing nature of 'Stars Hollow' the made up Connecticut town with the uncommon magical charm. It's just weird enough that it's lovable. The events that take place in the time square are, at first glance, small scale and boring but once you take a closer look the events are actually things I see people trying to create in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Every character brings something unique and charming to the mix. From Kirk to Ms. Patty, Gypsy, Babette, and Taylor there really isn’t a character that falls flat.

When people ask the age-old question “why are we here ?" While I don’t have a definitive answer I personally think it's to connect and love with other people. Gilmore Girls is that to me, a show that connects me to a community that is loving and safe. It creates the portal way to a community that I long for but didn't have access to in my own reality of the world.

Gilmore Girls isn't the most ground breaking show thats ever hit the airwaves but it's just special enough that it's been apart of my life into adulthood from one city to the next, a pocket size bite of community and collectiveness whenever I need it. ✨


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